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Bright Colorful MealsFor Kids

I love summer! Have I told you that yet? I do! I love summer!

It does not matter how busy I get as a mom, summer time just brings out the fun in me. Everything seems more colorful, bright and fun. And I’m more willing to change up the usual, mundane, “mom life” tasks. For instance, this July, rather than cooking everything inside, I’ve gotten creative with our meals and have been grilling almost daily. This has actually helped a lot with the heat this July. I am not a fan of the heat the stove and oven give off, heating up our kitchen in the summer months. Now, talk to me in the winter, I’ll all about baking and cooking inside.

Grilling outside has been so much fun for our entire family. I always find it interesting how changing up the smallest things in our everyday lives, bring so much more joy and excitement. The kids are loving it because they get to play outside while hubby or I grill, and we have more fun with it because we get to watch them play and enjoy life.

I mean, watching our little boys doing anything outside is fun. Recently, they made up the cutest game. They call it Big Foot! They carefully and meticulously gather leaves, sticks and rocks, and pretend to be two Sasquatches. Sitting around snacking on said leaves, rocks and sticks. Their imagination is the best!

Earlier this week, while our two little Sasquatches were gathering their leaves, grilled up a fun and healthy meal that was all about bright colors, protein and a new twist on summer fruit. It was so simple to make; and fast!

We grilled some yummy chicken, along with pineapples and oranges, and had cherry’s for dessert. Can it get any healthier that that? Grilling the fruit made for such a delicious meal. It made the fruit warm and extremely juicy. And while I had a feeling it would taste good, I was surprised by how much we all loved it.

To complete our meal, we made a simple glaze using our Tampico Juice and a few crushed up chunks of our previously grilled pineapple. Yes, it too was made of pineapples, oranges and cherries, and was so delicious and refreshing. We topped off the chicken with the scrumptious glaze, which paired perfectly with our bright, light and colorful meal.

Simple Tampico Juice Glaze

1/2 cup of Tampico Tropical Punch

1/2 cup of Grilled Crushed Pineapple Chunks


In a small sauce pan, bring to a simmer. Let simmer until the glaze reduces and thickens.

At only 30 calories, Tampico makes a delicious drink.

I must say, I am having such an amazing time doing the monthly Tampico Summer Scrapbook Challenges. These challenges have really helped to get our family out, they have definitely changed my perspective and helped me create memorable moments with my family. Scrapbookable moments! And I am loving the way our scrapbook is coming along so nicely.

Another page added to our Tampico Summer Scrapbook Challenge, and we could not be happier. We absolutely cannot wait to find out what next month’s Tampico Summer Scrapbook Challenge will hold for our family. The kids are already asking what’s in store for us next.

Stay tuned and join in this wonderful challenge with us!


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