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Beyond Van Gogh | Orange County, CA

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a person who affects great love of the arts. Impressionist painters, their lives, tragedies, it’s her life’s passion. Art, poetry, music. She is the reason I have such an affinity for the arts, and it has been passed down to the boys. So when she learned about the Immersive Van Gogh exhibits, my mother made her wish known. She absolutely HAD to attend an exhibit. And that she did.

The boys and I were beyond excited to surprise her with tickets to Beyond Van Gogh. See what I did there?

We had great expectations as we saw all of the wonderful Instagram posts and read all the articles about the exhibit. But none of that prepared us for the captivating experience of stepping into painting after painting after painting and watching the paintings come to life around us.

There was a sense of wonder as the boys looked around, the world around them changing before their eyes. We spoke a lot about the paintings, about Van Gogh painting the world as it was over a hundred years ago, and how they were stepping into that world, almost like a time machine. It was very cool to see their eyes widen, trying to understand the concept. And it’s always wonderful watching my mom take in the beauty of art.

This is a limited engagement that runs through September 12th. Tickets are available via

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