Best Family Friendly Hotels Near Disneyland

Best Family Friendly Hotel Near Disneyland
Best Family Friendly Hotel Near Disneyland

Extensive planning is key to all successful family travel. Not the least of which is choosing accommodations to fit your family's specific needs, likes and creature comforts. Especially when visiting a magical place like Disneyland.

So what are some of the checklist items that you should look for in accommodations near Disneyland?

Proximity to parks

It does not always make sense to drive to the parks. Parking will cost you upwards of $30, unless you have a Magic Key pass, and walking, especially on a hot summer day, or even a cold rainy day, will take a lot out of you and your littlest family members. So proximity is key!


Amenities are extremely important in cases where you may want to relax at your hotel for a bit. While most hotels provide the usual set of amenities, and most hotels near the Disney Parks have pools, some go above and beyond with have fun water playgrounds, some boast fun activities for the kids, and include breakfasts and more. Depending on what your family is looking for, amenities may be a selling point for your particular needs.


Depending on the size of your family, sleeping arrangements can become very tricky. A perfect example; while some families of four do perfectly well with two queen beds, other families of the same size, cannot make that work and need additional beds. Some hotels offer sleeping cots, others offer bunk beds for the children, while others offer adjoining rooms.

Continue reading to find the best family friendly hotels near Disneyland and what each has to offer.

Disneyland Hotel
Best Family Friendly Hotel Near Disneyland - Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel is the ultimate Disney experience. From the decor to the cast members, the experience is pure Disney magic.


It's a quick 7 minute walk from the hotel to the park via Downtown Disney. This walk is almost as much fun as it is being inside the park.