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Affirmation Of Love On Your Wedding Anniversary | All The Reasons You Still Love Your Spouse

Six year ago, my husband and I tied the knot. It was a beautiful day, filled with so much love. We were joined by about 200 friends and family members, and were on cloud nine. Mostly because the planning process was finally over and all that was left to do was enjoy each other, our friends and family, and go on our honeymoon.

Forward six years, so much has changed!

We now have two crazy kids under the age of five, a mortgage, car notes and we are business owners. We have lost several very close family members, and gained lots of new ones. It's always hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, and so wonderful to welcome new little ones into the world.

Life is definitely not the same. We are busy, we are tired, we sometimes lose ourselves in our day to day. We argue, fuss and fight, luckily, not too often. We always make time for each other.

If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that my husband and I take as many road trips and weekend getaways as possible... JUST THE TWO OF US. You know how we feel about making sure that we get to spend time to enjoy and appreciate life and each other, without all of the distractions of daily life.

So here is something we did on the eve of our sixth wedding anniversary, while away for a night. We decided to tell each other what we love, like and appreciate about each other, six years into our marriage. It felt good to hear and say some very important things. Things like, "I still love you enough to let things go".

Wow! What a powerful statement!

Think about it, people can drive each other insane. Couples have this ability to hurt each other like no one else can. So, the fact that we can both say, "I still love you enough to let things go", is just such an affirmation of the love that exists between two souls. No matter what has happened, no matter what we do, we still care enough to go on, to keep trying, to keep loving, to FORGIVE. It gives me chills!

We went on for a while, sometimes stumped for something to say, sometimes having too many things to list. It felt good to take the time to acknowledge the passing time, the changes, and the love that is still there and thriving.

It felt good to say and hear "I still find you sexy, beautiful, attractive" six years, two kids and more that a few pounds later. It just felt good!

We kept this up throughout our little getaway. I feel like it truly made our anniversary weekend special. One to be remembered. Sometimes, it's just nice to remind yourself and your spouse that you love them and why. It's more than just nice, It's hugely important.

This is something we did, spur of the moment, but I think it was one of the best things we've done in years. Give it a shot!



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