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A Good Night's Sleep And Shopping Local

Hubby and I have been discussing getting a new memory foam mattress for a few months. But, with all of the options out there, neither one of us has made any real moves to do so. Nothing more than the occasional internet search leading to the latest and greatest "mattress in a box". I don't know, something about that just does not sit well with me. Unfortunately, we both get so little rest that our sleep is very precious. Leaving it to chance on a mattress sent from a land far far away, rolled up into a box, well, we just can't take that chance.

So, when one of my closest friend's mentioned that her brother had opened the doors to Renteria Mattress Co., his family's new mattress business, I jumped right on that train!

I've known this family for well over fifteen years, and have seen the work ethic that my friend's brother Sal possesses. So, I knew that a mattress made by him and his team, would be just what Hubby and I were looking for.

I immediately sent him a message, asking for all of the details on his business, the mattresses and what he recommended. The process was easy, there was no hassle, no doubts about the mattress we are getting and I was dealing with an actual person. One who cares about every single client, and does not ship folded up mattresses in boxes!

As a matter of fact, while we were trying to lock down the perfect delivery date, Sal had explained that he had to do a one day turnaround trip up North, to make sure a recent client was satisfied with a big order. THIS is why I love to shop local, from real people! People who care about their customers, who would drop everything to make sure that their customers are happy. "Every account counts for me!" he said to me. And with that, I decided that I had to interview this young entrepreneur.

Me: What made you quit your day job and go into mattresses and furniture?

Sal Renteria: I worked at AT&T for 11 years. Towards my last year I was so unfulfilled even though I had a well-paying position, great perks, free service, and benefits. Something was off. I no longer was challenged by my duties and responsibilities. I visited my father to share my discontent with work and he said something I won’t easily forget, “There is no need to waste your time doing something you no longer have passion for.” His words hit home and a month later I quit my job of 11 years, cashed out my 401K and naturally gravitated to the mattress and furniture business. (My fathers owns a bed frame business.)

Me: So it was a natural progression. I was really impressed with your trip up North, to make sure the client was happy and that the order went smoothly. It's actually why I wanted to interview you. You just don't see that kind of personal touch these days. Can all of your customers expect the same?

Sal Renteria: We are a small business with big business drive. Anything purchased is personally delivered by me.

Me: I thought Hubby and I were special! But this is exactly why I prefer to shop at small, local businesses. The personal touch, the attention to detail, it can't be beat. So tell me a little about your business and products?

Sal Renteria: We wholesale to furniture stores up North, a line of mattresses that I make from start to finish. These units are tight tops 8’’ starter mattresses that are my economy line. They are American made and out of all new material. All components are treated and prepared by me to make these mattresses.

As word got out to friends and family, I would get asked if someone purchased a mattress

from me, could I also get them a bed? Soon after, I opened up my laptop and created a

website, with no experience in web design, to retail furniture online.

My goal is to be fair with my prices, which attracts customers, but also gives them a sense of trust in our business. That creates referrals. I compared prices with other online stores with the same product and sometimes I would see 3 times the cost of the wholesale price. I thought this to be one-sided and knew I could not do business that way. On our website you can find a variety of styles, pillow top, euro top, memory foam, at prices that fit any budget.

Hubby and I are very happy with the service provided to us by Renteria Mattress Co., the extremely reasonable price of the mattress we purchased, and of course, the mattress.

The mattress, by the way, is a 12" Copper Infused Cool Gel. That's right, our summer just got a little cooler, which means our sleep just got a whole lot better!

And the kids love it. Win / Win!


Renteria Mattress Co. is an online retailer and can be found at

You can also find them on Instagram at @RenteriaMattress



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