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Wind Passion Nautical Bracelets

Wind Passion nautical bracelets for men

Did you know that I am obsessed with all things sailing? Sail boats, nautical gear, anchors, etc. I love it all. Not, that I've ever sailed a day in my life, ironically. But I do love all things nautical.

I discovered Wind Passion a few days ago, and had to get a couple of their unique, handmade, nautical bracelets for my hubby.

Something I learned while perfusing, is that "nautical rope bracelets have a long history which spans centuries. Started as a way for sailors to spend time in long journeys, braiding these accessories turned into a chance to show their skill. And the best way to do that was of course to wear it. These cord bracelets were also given as gifts to friends and relatives after returning from the sea."

While they carry an impressive array of bracelets, Wind Passion also carries bow ties, cufflinks, keychains and more.


Love these bracelets too? Head to and use code: SWEETPANDSKY for 25% off your order.


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