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Quinn Snacks

I took the kids to the circus a couple of weeks ago, and there, I realized that they love popcorn! Especially, little Skyler. He grabbed onto that bucket of greasy, buttery popcorn, and wouldn't let go.

Since then, I have been in search of a healthy, but delicious popcorn to make at home. We've tried several popular options, but the ingredients on the side of the box frightened me.

That is, of course, until I came across Quinn Snacks popcorn.

Quinn's Pure Pop(TM) bag is the first of its kind in the industry. It is chemical, plastic and susceptor free, and the paper used is compostable.

The ingredient pouches are applied after popping the kernels, so the oils and butter are never microwaved. As a result, the oils and natural ingredients are never heated, which leads to a clean, delicious tasting popcorn.

There are no artificial ingredients. I mean NONE... EVER! Plus, it's non-GMO.

I ordered every flavor they have, because the boys love movie night, and one can never have too many yummy snacks.

Yesterday afternoon, the boys got a little rowdy. I really had to do something about it; a change of pace was an absolute necessity. So, I grabbed all of the Quinn Snack popcorn boxes, and let them choose which popcorn we were going to have.

We listened for the popping sound to start and counted the seconds in between pops to make sure that it didn't burn. It was actually a lot of fun and got the boys to simmer down for a while.

We turned on a movie, and had a really nice movie afternoon.

As a mom, I am so happy to have found Quinn Snacks because every ingredient is real, nothing is artificial, and because the kids love it.

You can order Quinn Snacks on Amazon or at your select stores near you.

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