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Circus Vargas

Mother's Day weekend, my mom, my boys and I, went to the Circus!

Yes, Circus Vargas is in town! The big blue tent first arrived in Burbank, CA, and just recently moved to Woodland Hills, where it will spend about two more weeks, before moving again, to Ventura, CA, then Orange County, CA.

I know what you're thinking, what's a circus without the animals? I was curious myself. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

Step right up folks, the review you've been waiting for is here!

As we pulled up to the Westfield Promenade, we could see the big blue tent and its towering peaks, rising up from the old Macy's parking lot. Immediate commotion and excitement broke out in the car, as the kids began chanting "Circus, Circus...". The little one, of course, had no idea what he was chanting, but he would soon find out.

Parents, parking was plentiful. We arrived thirty minutes early, because we like to give ourselves extra time to get situated. We parked right next to the tent, picked up our tickets at will call, and stepped right in, to the magical world of Circus Vargas.

We walked in and were warmly greeted by all of the various vendors selling light-up toy swords, cotton candy, and a plethora of other circus foods. The boys settled on two pirate swords (only $10 each), cotton candy ($5 each), and a large bucket of popcorn ($7).

Once our treats and toys were purchased, we were asked to sit anywhere in the red seats, which are just behind the coveted VIP seats (first two rows right in front of the stage). My mom and I were surprised to see just how small it was inside. Any seat under that tent, felt like a VIP seat.

Shortly after deciding on our seats, all of the kids were asked to head to the stage to play games and interact with the clowns, mimes and other circus performers. We found this to be very special because the kids had immediately built a connection with these performers, and felt like they knew them while watching them perform throughout the show.

Eventually, the kiddos were prompted to take their seats, as the show was about to begin.

This Swashbuckling Circus Spectacular, “Dreaming of Pirates!”, had a beautiful set. The pirate ship got my kids excited before anything even happened.

From the tight rope, to the jumping pirates, to the trapeze performance, to the death defying motorcycle cage, the entire 2 hours show was breathtaking, and mesmerizing for the kids and adults alike.

The animals were not missed, folks! I'll say this, any time a 4 year old sits through the entire show without even once asking to leave or take a break, you know you have something special.

At one point, my 2 year old pulled his eyes off the stage long enough to say "Mommy, so cooooool", then turned back in awe.

We were so pleasantly surprised by the fun and magical circus, Circus Vargas. This is a show that we will see time and time again.

A few notes...

This is a small circus, so keep your eyes on everyone you meet. You may just find that the girl who gave you your tickets at will call, is one of the lead performers in the circus.

Parking is plentiful, but to arrive early, to get good seats and enjoy the pre-show.

Restrooms are clean, however they are porta-potties, so, if you can, go sometime during the first act. You'll skip the line that inevitably forms at intermission, as well as get a very clean potty.

Overall, we had a great experience. It was wonderful to share this experience with my mom and my kids on Mother's Day weekend.


Seats for Woodland Hills shows are still available, so hurry and get your today. You truly do not want to miss this, but if you do, Circus Vargas is coming to Ventura and Orange County next.

For tickets and more information, head to


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