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The Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

Tis' the Season folks! It's that time of year where parents everywhere try to figure out a way to balance fun and educational gifts for their little ones.

In this guide, you will find a few of our favorites. This guide will provide heartwarming personalized gifts, toys that grow with your toddlers and keep them active, as well as toys that promote spatial awareness, sensory play and cater to their artistic side.

Every single thing in The Toddler Holiday Gift Guide has been tried, tested and loved by our kids. Enjoy!

Wonderbly Books

We have all heard of the precious "Lost My Name" books from Wonderbly. In fact, The Little Boy Who Lost His Name" was one of the first books that we purchased for Princeton when he was only about four months old. Over the years, it has become his favorite book.

Well, Princeton is now four years old, and in the past four years, the folks at Wonderbly have been busy creating many sweet new personalized books, that center around your child as the main character in their wonderfully whimsical stories.

So, for the holidays, we always like to purchase a few new books to read to our always-learning-toddlers. And in the spirit of the holidays, THE book to get this holiday season is, The Christmas Snowflake.

The Christmas Snowflake is a sweet story about a Snowflake searching for a home. The most beautiful thing about the book is that it can feature up to nine loved one's names. Imagine the look on your little one's faces as they hear or read the names of their family and friends.

The Christmas Snowflake retails $28.99

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Bicycoo Balance Bike by Joovy

The Joovy Bicycoo is a fun, super stylish and ultra modern way for toddlers to learn to ride. Bypassing the training wheels and learning how to balance on the Bicycoo will make the transition to a two wheel bicycle extremely easy.

We love the Bicycoo because our toddlers are extremely high energy and need to get out and play several times a day to expend some of that energy.

The Bicycoo comes in several different colors, the featured red and white, pink, blue and black.

Take a look at our Unboxing and Review video here

The Bicycoo Balance Bike retails $129 and can be purchased here

Tricycoo 4.1 by Joovy

The Tricycoo 4.1 is one of my absolute favorites because it is comfortable, fun and grows with your child. It starts out as pictured above and has four different stages, ending with your child being fully independent of your assistance. Skyler loves to ride in his Tricycoo, especially when he sees big bro riding his Bicycoo (they have a matching set). The Tricycoo comes in two colors, Blue and Pink.

You can find out Unboxing and Review video here

The Tricycoo retails $129 and can be purchased here

Osmo Creative Set Monster Game

The Monster Game, which is part of the Osmo Creative Set, is an absolute delight. It encourages creativity and brings out a toddlers artistic side, by making your little one's artwork come to life on your iPad screen.

The beautiful thing about the Creative Set is that, like the Tricycoo, it grows with your kids. As your littles get older, they can start using the Masterpiece and the Newton games, which further develop their creative mind, as well as help with problem solving.

This fun, creative and educational game retails for $49 and can be purchased here

72 Piece Mini Unit Bricks Architect Set

This lovely, seventy two piece set is currently sitting under our tree. We love Unit Bricks because of the versatility of their sets, and the learning opportunities they present for our little ones. While your toddlers can build the pictured structures, they are also allowed the chance to build their own unique creations. Unit Bricks create sensory and explorative play, encourage logic, problem solving, fine motor skills and so much more.

We also love the natural look of these building bricks.


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