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Thanksgiving Toddler Activity: Teaching Toddlers the Importance of Being Thankful

On Halloween night, after a full day at The LA Zoo and "Trick or Treating", Princeton and I discussed the next big Holiday, Thanksgiving! We briefly discussed the family getting together for dinner and how we love to make an early Thanksgiving meal with Hailey, who helps us prepare the entire meal; we talked about how much fun it is to get messy in the kitchen, cook a huge meal and then enjoy it all as a family. I gave him a brief history lesson on Thanksgiving, and then we moved on to discuss being thankful.

We decided that every single day in November, he would tell me a thing or two for which he is thankful.

His list hand me rolling on day one and day two. I want to say that it got more meaningful as the days went on, but that would be placing my own spin on what is meaningful. Everything is relative and what he is thankful for, is of incredible importance to him. This activity has taught us both so much.

This is a list of the first 20 days of November. We will continue the list every day, as we get to Thanksgiving, and at Thanksgiving Dinner, Princeton and I will get to read his entire list to the family.

This is an activity that we will continue to do every year with both of our boys. I can't wait to see how the things that they are thankful for change with every passing year.

Without further ado, Princeton's list:

November 1st - The Sarlacc Pit Monster

November 2nd - The Rancor Monster

November 3rd - Princeton is Thankful for Papa and for getting presents for Papa (I believe he is excited to get a gift for his Papa's Birthday)

November 4th - Thankful for his brother going to sleep so that he and mommy can have some alone time.

November 5th - Thankful for getting to play with new friends

November 6th - Thankful for getting a LEGO Sarlacc Pit

November 7th - Thankful for Ethan (his little buddy)

November 8th - Thankful for Toys

November 9th - Thankful for Mama coming home from work

November 10th - Thankful for a play date at the park with cousin Ayla and cousin Jaylin

November 11th - Thankful for a fun day at Cavalia (especially the silly half naked dancing guys who made him laugh hysterically).

November 12th - Thankful for a fun day care at mommy's nail salon

November 13th - Thankful to celebrate papa's Birthday and to eat donut french toast.

November 14th - Thankful for boogers

November 15th - Thankful for Kinder Eggs

November 16th - Thankful for fun with mama and papa

November 17th - Thankful for mama and papa coming home from last night's dinner

November 18th - Thankful for Skyler (he went back and forth on this one, as sometimes baby Skyler is not his favorite guy)

November 19th - Thankful for Mama, Papa, Hailey and Skyler

November 20th - Thankful that mama decided to work from home instead of seeing clients


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