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CityMoms App Family Breakfast at Au Fudge

Lately, the boys and I have been attending various family events around town. We have fun at most of these events, but this is the first time that either of my boys protested our departure at the end.

Let's start at the beginning.

This morning was a rough one for Skyler and me. He's one and a half, and has hit a stage where he is communicating, but we are not fully understanding him. His wants and needs are not always met because of this communication snafu, resulting in a very frustrated little toddler.

So at 5:00am this morning, while Princeton slept, Skyler had a meltdown of epic proportions. Think Chernobyl. It lasted about thirty minutes, but felt like time had stopped. He wouldn't let me hold him to calm him down, but would reach for me the minute I tried to give him space. All while screaming bloody-murder. I was finally able to calm him down enough to get him into his bouncer. One that he outgrew months ago, but still loves to sit in as the rocking soothes him.

I was starting to doubt that we would make the City Moms Breakfast at Au Fudge, but was hopeful. Au Fudge is one of my favorite restaurants simply because they have a beautiful child care room for the kids to play while parents eat. I was looking forward to this breakfast for weeks.

Luckily, after a little bit of time in his bouncer and a short nap, Skyler was in a better mood, and Princeton was ready to go play with new friends.

We left the house at 8:00am on the dot, which with the morning we had, I was amazed and impressed! Patting myself on the back as we speak.

We stopped for gas, and still arrived about twenty minutes early. Note to self, there is no traffic in Los Angeles at 8:00am on a Saturday.

Since we arrived early and both my boys seemed to be in good spirits, I thought I would take the opportunity to shoot a few pictures. I have to say, LA is such a great city for photo shoots. There is something interesting and beautiful at every corner.

A note about Au Fudge, from the adorable street art, to the tiny kid sized benches on their patio, it may be a little difficult to get the kids through the door. There is simply too much to look at and play with. I could not get the boys to move from this adorable little bench.

When we finally went in, we were greeted by the lovely Elizabeth Chyr, the brains behind all of the fun CityMoms events. She pointed us in the right direction and made sure that everyone was nice and comfortable.

As we walked in, Princeton immediately found a few boys his age to play with, while Skyler and I enjoyed talking with the ladies from Silly Street, Kinbe, and Little Artist Party. Skyler settled on painting a little bird house at the Little Artist Party station. This was his first time painting or doing any craft at all and I was shocked at how much he loved it.

Both of my boys had a great time, and I loved getting to know the vendors in such an intimate setting. I also loved meeting other parents and their children, and having some adult talk as I sipped my coffee.

After all the playing, breakfast was served. All of the kids got their delicious scrambled eggs, bacon and waffles. Another surprise for this mama; while I was getting situated with all of the boys things and some amazing goodies from Chatchie Concepts and Silly Street, my boys sat quietly and fed themselves breakfast. Unheard of!

When they were done with breakfast, we went back inside the child care room one more time to dance and sing with the wonderful people from The Wee Ones Music Club. I have to say, this was my favorite part of the day. It was fun, and the music was great. I don't mean great "for kids music", I mean great music that does not get on mommy and daddy's nerves. The kids were engaged, and loving it. As a parent, what more could you ask?

So, back to the end.

As this intimate little event was wrapping up, my Sweet P began protesting "But I want to stay here, mama! All day, mama!". You know an event was a complete success, when the kids don't want to leave. But, to Princeton's dismay, I had to pack us up to head home for nap time. Glorious nap time!

One more thing. I have to give a huge shoutout to the event coordinator at Au Fudge. She literally saved the day twice.

See, Au Fudge usually provides diapers at their changing station. Having been there before, I came equipped with that knowledge and decided to carry a lighter load. I left my diaper bag in the car. Well, on this fine Saturday morning, they happened to run out of their Honest Company diaper supply, and a delivery was not due to come in until Monday. What did this awesome woman do? She sat with my kids as I frantically ran to the car for my diaper bag!

Not only did she help me with the kids, at the end of the event, she remembered that I needed to get a few pictures for this here blog, walked up to me and took those pictures! I mean, I have no words. No, I do have two words... THANK YOU!

All in all, this was a great event by CityMoms. We loved it a would do it again in a heartbeat. If you are interested in attending, you're in luck. CityMoms is hosting one more Family Breakfast at Au Fudge, Saturday, September 16th. You can get your tickets through the CityMomsApp.

If you have the chance to attend this event next month, I would highly recommend it.


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