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The SoCal Moms Great Big Family Play Day

A few weeks ago, Sweet P and Sky was invited to attend the So Cal Mom's Great Big Family Play Day at The Gene Autry Museum. We were ecstatic and extremely excited to join this amazing family event. So many fabulous vendors were there to meet with all of the wonderful families, play with the kids, and showcase their products and services.

The boys and I attended as media, (yes, my kids are now reporters, time to start earning their keep around here), but would have attended this event either way. I mean, Lisa Loeb was performing! Lisa Loeb!

I remember singing along to Lisa Loeb's "Stay", with one of my BFF's as an angsty pre-teen in my parent's living room, dreaming about all of the crazy fun we were going to have once we got old enough to drive! Lisa Loeb, who is now a mother and a children's recording artist, children's book author and more, is now someone who my own kids enjoy listening to. There are a lot of artists that the kids and I enjoy together, but none like Lisa Loeb, who appealed to mom when mom was a kid in the 90's and now appeals to the kids in 2017.

There were vendors like the Angeles Mannies, who drew us in immediately. So much so, in fact, that to this day, Princeton still talks about how the nice guys let him dress up as Kylo Ren.

The kids got to play with water, do spin art, an obstacle course, play with various tents, bounce and slide in bounce houses, try delicious and healthy foods, dance and listen to music, and so much more. It was a day so well spent, that I almost forgot that I was there to report all of the fun.

This wonderful event was held in the parking lot of The Autry; and because of this event, The Autry opened it's doors to all in attendance, as a Museum Free Day. The Autry is another flashback to my youth, as one of the Proms I attended in High School, was held at The Gene Autry Museum, and I have not been there since. Nostalgia was the name of the game.

The kids and I had a really good time. We explored several of the exhibits, and to my delight, our Princeton really enjoyed looking at the art, and had a ton of questions.

They also have a great outdoor space that was tranquil and serene. Perfect for winding down at the end of a fun filled day.

All in all, we could not have been happier with our day spend at The SoCal Mom's Great Big Family Play Day. If you missed it this year, do yourself a favor and go next year. I promise, it will be worth your while.


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