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Head Above Water

I often feel like I can't keep my head above water, only I do. I also often tell myself that I can't keep going like this, only I do. But, on the other hand, I also often feel that I don't have THAT full of a plate, so why do I feel like I can't keep my head above water?

This morning, one of my clients really laid it out for me in a way I never have. "You take care of 5 people," she said, "two of whom are completely dependent on you twenty-four hours a day, you manage a household, you run your business, help your husband run his business, you do marketing for several companies, you've decided to start putting on Mommy events, and now you're hiking Mt. Whitney!?" For once in my life, I sat in silence. Could it be true? Am I doing this all to myself? Do I have too much on my plate?

To be fair, two of the things on that list are purely recreational. I love hiking, it gives me that precious alone time that every mother needs. That breath of fresh air without a single "mommy, mommy..." around to poke at the brain. The mommy event, well, what mama doesn't love spending time with her kids and other mamas? Other mamas are the only humans in the world who understand a mother's love as well as her frustrations, fully and deeply. Plus, it's a ridiculous amount of fun to get together with the ladies. So why not turn it into an actual event with lots of goodies, from amazing vendors, for the mamas and babies?

As far as business goes, I have to be honest, I am having a blast helping my husband with his new security firm Entourage Executive Protection. I literally wake up every morning thinking of new ways to promote it, of what he and I should be doing next, and I cannot wait every day to sit down with him to go over all of our new developments. This business has given us something new to work on together, and we are in sync. Man, are we in sync?!

It's just wonderful to be able to help him with his passion project. This is his baby, but it has become mine too. The partnership and the bond we have built over his business has been something most couples do not get to experience. I, for one, am grateful because his new business has brought us closer together in a very new way. I'm grateful for the experience and for the extra time spent with hubby, working on something so important to the future of our family.

Speaking of family, the five people I take care of? Well, they actually take care of me more than I will ever take care of them. Oh, and it's actually seven people.

My two little boys, they're a handful, but they have shown my soul how to truly love without boundaries. My stepdaughter needs nothing other than love, happiness and some good old-fashioned goof-offery (Yes, that's a word). She is a blessing, and on the days that we have her, her wild and uninhibited play with the boys actually allows hubby and me a break. They play so hard, it wipes the little ones out to the point of glorious sleep!

My parents are there at a moment's notice. We are there for each other. They take care of me just as much as I take care of them. More so, even, because they are so used to taking care of me, their child. So whenever they need something, it's never a hassle, it's never too hard, because you help the ones you love.

Hubby, it's rare that I have to take care of him. Even when I want to, he "soldiers up" and does everything himself. The only time I truly get to take care of him is when he is away on business trips. I take care of everything he can't from far away. But even so, he does his fair share to help out from miles away.

So, yes, I do have a lot on my plate. But, truly it's not that much, because the people in my life make it easy to get through most days. Every time I feel like I can't keep my head above water, they help me see why and how I can. They hold my hand and guide me through the twists and turns of life without knowing just how much they do to keep me sane.


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