Weekend Getaway: Ventura, CA

Hubby and I have been working particularly hard the past few months. He, on getting his Executive Protection business up and running, and I, on keeping the kids alive. Kidding, kidding. I have been working with my marketing clients more and more as of late, and... keeping the kids alive.

An opportunity arose for us to get away for a weekend and took it.

We arranged for my parents to watch the boys for the weekend, then spent exactly a day on figuring out where we were going to go.

At the top of my list was Catalena Island. Unfortunately, everything with any kind of view was already booked. We weren't going to Catalina to look at the backs of buildings afterall.

We thought about San Diego, Temecula, Morro Bay, Ojai, Big Bear, Idyllwild and even Vegas. Then, we finally settled on Ventura, CA. We decided on staying as close to home as possible, so that we could drive back in a flash if need be. Kids!

Our usual room at our favorite Inn in Ventura was booked for the weekend, so hubby, the master hotel finder, found us a wonderful suite at The Wyndham Garden Ventura Pierpont Inn.

The newly renovated suite was huge. It could have very well been a decent sized apartment. Big living room and work/dining space accompanied a lovely bedroom. We called this home for the next few days.

On the drive, we talked about exploring this and that, but quickly realized that all we wanted to do was enjoy each other's company, lounge, eat, drink and catch up on much needed sleep. We immediately switched into this carefree, sleep-all-day mode. Complete and total relaxation.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were pretty hungry. The gentleman who checked us in, suggested the Ahi Burger at Austen's Restaurant, located on the hotel's property. We finished checking in, took our bags up to our room, then leaisurly sauntered over to Austen's.

We ordered a few appetizers along with the suggested Ahi burger and were not dissappointed. As promised, the burger was incredible. Think, Kogi, but much, much better... and not a truck.

The Bloody Mary was tasty as well. But be warned, their Bloody Mary's are quite spicy.