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Don't tell him, but, sometimes my hubby is a genius.

We had breakfast the other day at Another Broken Egg in Burbank. With three kids, two of whom are under three, we take a lot into considerations before choosing a restaurant. One of the main things a restaurant must have is outdoor seating. Whenever possible, we choose outdoor seating because we never know when one of our little guys is going to get bored and loud or overly excited and loud. I know, let the kids be kids, right?

But, no one enjoys their breakfast with screaming babies around. Not even us!

So why not pick the best possible area where the kids can be kids and bother the least amount of people?

We also come prepared with an arsenal of phones, tablets, games, and toys. Anything to keep the boys busy while we enjoy our meal.

Last week, my genius hubs bought some slime for our 14 year old. She is still amused by slime, thank God! Love seeing that the child in her is still strong and wild and free, and that the teen has not fully taken over.

Like I said, SLIME! Who knew it would be such a hit? Apparently, Papa did! Our two oldest kiddos played with their slime for about a full half hour! That's a really long time in kid time.

The best thing about this slime, other than busy children, it's cost less than a dollar at the 99 Cent Store! A full 30 minutes of happy kids for under a dollar!

Bravo hubby! Bravo!


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