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Disney Store Talking Buzz Lightyear Figure - 12"

Last Monday, we took Princeton, Skyler and their buddy D to the mall for some safe trick or treating fun. The boys all had a blast, but mommies were majorly over the crowns, the yelling and the rallying kids around to get them to follow instructions. More on that later.

The point of this story is, our final stop before we ended the night was The Disney Store. We went in for a new Light Saber since Princeton broke his and no tiny Darth Vader is complete without a Light Saber. Well, we walked out with a Talking Buzz Lightyear toy.

We have been trying to get one of these awesome toys for months now, but they are always sold out. So when we finally saw a few on Halloween eve, any thought of a Light Saber was lost to this cool Toy Story toy.

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