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Traveling Local This Summer

This summer, the travel bug has bit hubby and me. So many places to go semi-locally, so little time!

We travel locally because the kids can't really handle too much time on the road yet, and we can't really handle being too far away from them. But we always have an amazing time revisiting place we love, and discovering new places.

Our current list consists of a cruise, Carlsbad/San Diego area for LEGOLAND, Las Vegas, Catalina Island, back to San Diego for SeaWorld with the kids, Idyllwild, Mt. Whitney and possibly Yosemite National Park, which is right outside of Fresno, CA. These are the local places that bring me joy.

But to make it all happen, it takes a lot of schedule juggling. With hubby's business, the kids summer school, piano lessons, and child care, is our list too long?

No! The answer is no. We can definitely make it happen if we organize and tackle each location one by one.

I read somewhere that you only get eighteen summers with your kids, so we are going to cherish every single one of these special summers (even if a few of our trips will be sans kids).

So, lets get to checking off our list of fun!

Parents, I encourage you to seize the day, and seize your summer. Here in Los Angeles, it’s a scorcher, but we are finding ways to get out and explore each and every day.

Between our planned trips, we are going on early morning hikes, making sure that we go before the heat is unbearable and making sure that the hikes we choose are more covered and possibly have streams and babbling brooks for the kids to splash around in. We go to indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, the zoo, and evening trips to Disneyland.

We are making the most of our summer, I would love to hear all about yours.


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