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Reading with Kabook! | Personalized Children's Books

It's no secret that reading to your kids, is of utmost importance. It builds a plethora of important foundational skills, language development, brain development, imagination, and so much more. It's also a great way to connect with children, and have fun.

I am always in search of the next good book to read to my boys. Our library is extensive. We own books about anything and everything. But their favorite books, are the ones where they are the main characters! Personalized books are nothing new. They make kids feel special and spark their imagination. But none, are as amazing of an experience as Kabook! books.

Kabook! is the only company that allows parents to co-create books that customize a child’s name, as well as other text, and allows the parents to download and digitally integrate their kid's photos into the stories. Meaning, they turn your photos into beautiful illustrations in your books.

Kabook! allows children to be the hero's in their very own illustrated stories.

Parents, it's so simple and fast. I did both books in under 15 minutes, WITH MY CELL PHONE. It was so much fun. What made it even more fun, is I had the boys do different poses for the specific pages of the book. So we really had a blast with that.

Kabook! offers four beautifully written and illustrated stories that can be delivered as softcover and/or hardcover books. We chose "Hornswoggled!", a pirate adventure where the crew needs your child's help to solve the mystery of the treasure map. (Spoiler alert, parents, YOU may be making an appearance in this book).

Yes, of course I had to get two of the same book, personalized to each of my boys. They wouldn't have it any other way.

It's so cute! I love reading these books to them because they absolutely love how the characters in the book interact with them. They sit there and reply to all of the questions, giggle and laugh, and have an amazing time.


Parents, if you are interested in getting these fun books for your kids, head to and use promo code KABOOKFRIEND20 for 20% off (expires Feb. 15).


This post is sponsored by Kabook!, however all opinions are my own.


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