LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

This month, Sweet P and Sky launched the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe (LAMBT).

With 15 members in our tribe, in the first few weeks of existence, this phenomenal group of women is bound for success.

The LA Mommy Blogger Tribe is a group for Los Angeles based "Mommy Bloggers". We require that members are mothers and bloggers, but blogs do not have to be motherhood related. Our member's blogs range from style to make-up to mom blogs and beyond.

We hold monthly events, brain storming and networking sessions, hold photo shoots, and build friendships for our fab members. We kicked off our monthly events with a brunch at The Penthouse Restaurant in Santa Monica; and already have our next big event on the calendar.

If you are a mommy and a blogger, and you are interested in joining the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe, please email for more information.

Let me introduce you to some of the ladies...