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Kids Circus Party | Skyler's Half Birthday

Step right up folks, the Circus Party is about to begin!

Skyler is now almost 3 years old, but when he was turning 6 months old, I felt like celebrating. It was July in Los Angeles, and that called for an afternoon party. (I'll be honest, I was a mama of a two year old and an infant, I needed this party!)

It had to be small enough to have at home, but I needed to socialize, and I wanted to celebrate our little boy's 1/2 Birthday.

I ran the idea by hubby, who was on board for one of these 1/2 Birthday parties just a couple of years earlier, for Princeton. All he asked was that I showed him my thoughts on decorating, and that it didn't stress out his already tired wife.

I have to say, this was one of the least stressful parties we've had for the kids. It was fun to create, to decorate, and to put the menu together. It was intimate enough, to where we truly got to celebrate Skyler, and enjoy the company of our friends and family.


My first step was Skyler's Birthday outfit. It's hot here in Los Angeles in July, so it had to be comfy, light and easily changed... since we still spit up all the time in those days.


I purchased a little chalk board sign at our local craft store, and hung this outside by our doorbell. (These little trips did me good, back then. Small, easy trips to get mama and babies out of the house were so good).


I then created a menu for the party. I purchased chalk board tape, and converted a large frame, into a menu sign.

On the menu? Circus food!

I had so much fun creating all of the foods. My favorite was making the watermelon elephant.

It was my first undertaking of watermelon carving, and I absolutely had a blast!



I created a photo booth with a disposable polkadot table cloth, and a striped banner. Ordered props on Amazon, and voila! We had a ton of fun taking funny pictures with our party guests and kids!

We had a great time at Skyler's Half Birthday, and had fun planning and DIYing this little party. It's also absolutely wonderful to look back at these memories of our little baby's first baby party.




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