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Fun Places to Eat At Disney California Adventure

I have to admit, after a fun summer with The Mommy Blogger Tribe, in-person school for the boys, and several incredible adventures in the works, I've had very little time to dedicated this blog of mine. I miss it!

So I will begin with the most fun I've had with my family this month: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks. Thanks to the new Magic Key passes, of course.

To say we have taken full advantage of our passes in a huge understatement. But because of all of the visits, a few downfalls and many many wonderful treats have presented themselves.

One such downfall is that it is difficult to make dining reservations. Almost everything is either completely booked or books within minutes. I have literally been in the middle of making a reservation through the Disney app, only to have it taken before I can finalize the reservation. It's never been this bad.

The Lamplighter Lounge has been one of the boy’s favorite restaurants at Disney California Adventure for years. Unfortunately, since the Disney Parks have opened this summer, we have not been able to get our hands on a reservation. Not even months ahead. So today I did a little investigating. Here’s what I learned:

🍔 The Lamplighter Lounge is booked through next year. This is why it never appears on the Disney apps Dining Reservation section.

🍔The app only fills the reservations per day to a certain percentage (20% according to one of the cast members I spoke with), the rest is left available for walk-ins.

🍔Walk-ins go fast.

🍔 If you can’t get your hands on one of these elusive reservations or a walk-in table, The Lamplighter Boardwalk Dining terrace is a great, limited menu option.

With an extensive cocktail (alcohol and nonalcoholic) and decent wine menu, delicious appetizers that include their famous Lobster Nachos, and a couple of kids options, The Lamplighter Boardwalk Dining terrace is a great alternative, with the same fun views of the park.

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