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Floating Into Mom Heaven

It all started with an email from one of my favorite Mommy Bloggers, The Hustling Mama herself, Rosie Nguyen Hong. It was an invitation to one of the coolest, most relaxing events, I have ever attended. A float session at Just Float, in Pasadena, CA, for eight of us Mommy Bloggers.

Just Float parking lot

After a particularly rough morning getting the kids ready for school, I finally arrived at this little slice of heaven. There was plenty of parking reserved for Just Float customers, so the stress free experience began even before I walked through the door (if you know the Pasadena area, parking is not readily available or easy to come by, so this is a much appreciated bonus).

One of the things that caught my attention as I walked through the front door was, the relaxing atmosphere. The dim lights, cozy seating, soft music, and most of all, the scent of lavender in the air, instantly put me in a state of zen.

One by one, all of us Los Angeles based Mommy Bloggers, were greeted at the front desk. The lovely thing was, we were never rushed into our float sessions. We were given plenty of time to mingle, snap photos and prepare ourselves. It was a blast!

Brief instructional videos walked us through the entire process, so we were prepared for what was to come.

I loved the tranquility and privacy of each room. The fact that there was a tray with everything one would need for their float session, was such a thoughtful touch. Ear plugs so that the water does not bother your ears while floating, Swimmers Ear Drops in case it does, Q-tips, make-up removal wipes, petroleum jelly to place on any cuts so that they don't sting in the salt water tank, and lastly, hair ties! Hair ties!

I could hardly contain myself, when I saw the little door that lead to the float tank. I know, I was supposed to be calm and unexcitable, but come on!

So here's how it goes down. You get in the water and immediately float. You have two knobs to your right, one controlling the lights, and the other controlling the music. You can turn the lights off right away, or let the lights and the music slowly dim and fade in the course of the next 5 minutes.

If at any point you become uncomfortable in the dark, the button to turn the lights back on is literally at your fingertips.

I turned my lights off immediately. I wanted to get my relaxation on as soon as possible.

A little disclaimer, while I am no longer afraid of the dark per se, I am still rather uncomfortable in the absence of light.

Here, however, floating weightless in the dark, I had no fear, no discomfort. Just me and my thoughts, which were deafening at first, but faded, much like the light and music, after a few minutes.

Floating in the dark, in a bath of warm water, felt like an eternity and the blink of an eye, all at once. It was peaceful, and serene. It was healing!

When the lights and music gradually returned, I knew it was time to get back to reality.

Ladies, one last disclaimer, when they tell you to remove ALL of your make-up prior to going in, REMOVE ALL OF YOUR MAKE-UP!


For a more in depth look, enjoy our video...


Thank you to Just Float for hosting all of the lovely Mommy Bloggers who attended this event. Thank you, also, to Rosie Hong, for organizing a much needed rest day. While this event was sponsored, this experience and all opinions expressed in this article are my own.



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