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Creating a Smart Home with August | Front Door Security

Smart Lock Pro and Doorbell Cam Pro by August

My husband is a man who utterly enjoys technology. Anything new, and cutting edge, is researched, compared, purchased, installed and explained to the rest of the family (who is usually completely lost).

His ongoing home improvement project is, turning our home into a Smart Home.

Frankly, I love nothing more, than seeing the joy that this Smart Home project brings my hubby. Plus, I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Now, while his passion is technology, his top priority is our family's safety.

What better way to combine safety and technology, than to instal Smart Front Door Security?

"If I told you, when it came to your family’s safety, you could add valuable minutes to being able to call for help or stop an intruder would you be interested? What if it was a few valuable seconds, is your family’s safety worth that?" - Craig Holliman

Unfortunately, in today’s world, even a few seconds can make the difference from being in harms way or getting yourself and your family to a safe place.

Our family decided to be proactive and take steps that would not just make us feel safe, but actually keep us safe. After careful research, mostly on my husband's part, we decided to go with August, a company specializing in Smart Front Door Security.

We started with the August Doorbell Cam Pro, which has real-time alerts, HD video and two-way audio. The ability to get real-time alerts on your phone whenever someone approaches your doorstep, even when you’re not home is crucial! Being able to review footage, not just from when the motion started, but a few seconds before the event happened is incredible. Plus, you can review all footage at no cost for up to 24 hours inside of the August app.

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Next, hubby installed the August Smart Lock Pro. What I personally love about this lock is that it is virtually hands free. As long as your cell phone is on you, the lock senses the phone and automatically unlocks the door as you approach. When my hands are full of grocery bags and I'm needing to get the kids through the door, one less thing to figure out is a huge help.

Another great feature is that it locks automatically when you leave home. So if you happen to forget to lock the door, the August Smart Lock Pro senses your departure and locks itself for you. Of course, it notifies you that it has done so, through your August app.

Your phone also doubles as a virtual key, so you can lock and unlock it by the push of a button in the August app.

August Smart Lock Pro

So at this point we had our smart door bell and our smart lock. We could open our front door with our phones through the August app, or it would sense our phones near by and automatically do it. We could also use actual keys to unlock the front door. We could see and talk to whomever would ring our doorbell, and the motion sensor would notify us when someone was simply near our front door. There was only one little oversight on our part, we often have houseguests.

We don't necessarily want to have keys made for every family member who stays with us while they visit. So, we needed a way for them to be able to come in and out of the house without a key. The answer to our tiny dilemma was the August Smart Keypad. We simply chose a code that we could give to our houseguests, that would lock and unlock the door while we are away.

The beautiful thing is, our August Doorbell Pro Cam always notifies when it senses motion. So we are always aware who and when someone is there. I cannot tell you how comforting that is.

August Smart Keypad

With this trio from August, our Smart Home starts at our front door, and we could not be happier, or feel safer!


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