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First Haircut

A child's first haircut is a significant milestone. Fortunately, we have been very lucky to have had incredible people cut our boy's hair.

For Princeton's first haircut, we took him to a kid's salon called Lollicuts, in Tarzana, CA. It is adorned with cars and rocket ships as the chairs, there are toys and video games for the kids to play with while they wait, and cartoon characters painted on the walls. Young, the woman who cut his hair was sweet, patient, and incredibly gentle with him. The only problem for us was that it was a little bit of a drive.

Young cut Princeton's hair until he was about two years old. Then, one day, while hubby was getting his hair cut at Major Faderz in Northridge, CA, we decided to try giving Sweet P a "big boy" haircut. It wasn't easy with P back then, he had to be bribed with candy, entertained with YouTube videos, and talked into sitting still. But, Chris, his barber, handled Princeton with more patience and kindness than I would ever expect from a professional barber at an adult barber shop.

Over the course of the last year, Princeton and Chris have built a really cool friendship. Our once hesitant and antsy little guy, now can't wait to go get his hair cut. A huge part of it is, he and his papa now get haircut's together, which for a mom, is the most precious thing to see... and photograph to no end.

Princeton loves hanging out with his papa and Chris, and chopping in up with the rest of the men. Again, cutest thing ever!

Usually, Skyler and I are on the sidelines, hanging around just in case Princeton might need something here or there. But last night, Skyler was the start of the show.

Last night was baby Skyler's first haircut!

Now let me preface by saying that Skyler and Princeton could not be more different in the "stranger danger" department. Princeton never had it, and always loved to socialize. Skyler on the other hand, is cautious and very slow to warm up. Oh, and he screams like a banshee if something is not to his liking.

Chris and I prepared for the worst. He thought of all of the logistics; mama in the chair, baby in mama's lap, smock on mama, none on baby because baby started to panic.... scissors, not clippers to keep baby from getting scared by the noise.

With all of the preparation complete, Chris carefully pulled Baby Sky's hair up into a little ponytail and made the first cut. A keepsake for mama and papa. A sweet reminder of a chubbier, babier, time. We were ready for the tears, the wiggles and the screams, but to our surprise, Skyler patiently, and very quietly sat through the entire haircut. He even let Chris use the clippers.

My baby, the one who doesn't let his own grandpa near him if he doesn't see he for a week, let a complete stranger cut his hair without a peep.

Huge shoutout to Chris at Major Faderz in Northridge, CA, for doing such a great job with both of our boys. The cuts are always on point and super stylish, and he really has a way with the little ones.

We couldnt be happier.


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