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Bad News

Sometimes in life, you get some unexpected bad news. Out of the blue, it hits you like a ton of bricks, and leaves you lost and scrambling for what to do next.

Well, what do you do next?

In my case, I get over it. I give myself a day or two to rampage, to be sad, angry, upset... and then I make a decision. Dwell and feel like an absolute wreck, or pull myself together and move on. I always choose to move on. No matter how bad the news.

But sometimes, you decide to move on and do a pretty damn good job of it considering... But for some reason, people wont let you get over it! Sometimes you try so hard to put those bad thoughts out of your head, and then bam, a text or a call from someone who wants to discuss the said bad news. It's like a damn train wreck. You know you shouldn't engage, but you cant help it, once again your world is turning upside down.

And after a few hours, or a few days, you make the same decision to let go. You work so hard at putting your own thoughts out of your head. You do everything in your power to allow yourself to breath. You try to be strong. You cry here and there, but a few weeks pass and you feel like you are on your way to a complete recovery, only to get another message from someone who cares, "small world" they say, "heard the bad news" they say. And you start to shake, your palms get sweaty, but you're cold. You quietly freak out, but you're at work.

Another decision made. Faster this time. You decide you will not engage this time around, you cant handle the fallout. And so its easier this time, immediately easier... but that sting is still there. Work it girl! Be strong!


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