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We Almost Celebrated in Paris

It was two days before hubby had to go on a business trip to Paris for Fashion Week. We were desperately trying to figure out how I could possibly go with him, but no matter how we tried, it just wasn't happening. The only flights left would have taken 24 to 36 hours to get there, and there was just no way I could find someone to watch the kids for a week on such short notice.

So, two days before he had to leave, hubs calls me at work to ask if Big Sur sounded like fun for our 4 year anniversary. Well, it was no Paris, but it would due, I thought.

Forward to two weeks later, I couldnt be happier that we spent 3 glorious days celebrating our anniversary in Big Sur. You see, hubs practically worked 24/7 the entire week that he spent in Paris. While I absolutely would not mind seeing Paris all by my lonesome, it's really would make for a sad anniversary. I'd never get to see him... like at all.

So when my love returned from Paris, without haste, we packed our bags and drove up the coast, stopping to leisurely explore local sites along the way. The photo ops were amazing!

We stayed at a wonderful little hotel called Glen Oaks Big Sur. Within our first 20 minutes there, we saw two deer frolicking on the hillside by the community fire pit. We took a stroll in the woods right behind our room, and when we were ready, we retreated to our room, equipped with its very own electric fireplace.

It was beautiful, it was serine, it was ocean and mountains and forest, and for the first time in a few months, I felt the weight of the world melt away and I could breath.

We did a couple of small hikes that took us through babbling brooks, mountain ponds, and Giant Sequoias. We stopped at a couple of art gallerias, had lunch on a cliff overlooking the ocean and mountains... Cafe Kaveh. I highly recommend it! We even had time to drive up to Carmel.

We almost spent our wedding anniversary in Paris... apart. But instead, we spent the most amazing 3 days in Big Sur, enjoying each other's company and breathing, truly breathing!


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