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I have a Serious Love Hate Relationship with My FitBit Blaze

A few years ago, hubby got me one of the original FitBits. It's been so long that I don't remember what it was called. But you know the one, the one that gave people itchy rashes on their wrists. I loved it!

Unfortunately, the darn rash got me too. Luckily, FitBit is an awesome company, and provided me with a new FitBit Charge, at no cost, to replace my rash causing original tracker. I was ecstatic. I loved my Charge even more than I did my original itchy FitBit.

So naturally, when FitBit came out with the FitBit Blaze, I jumped on board. I laid out the pros and the cons and put in a request with management (aka hubby). Two weeks later I had my brand spankin new FitBit Blaze.

It does so much! The heart rate monitor is my favorite feature. It's able to give me a much more accurate count of the calories I'm burning as I exercise or run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off when both babies need me at the same time... all the time.

Honestly, it really motivates me to move. A constant reminder that I need to do more, walk more, move more. And when I hit that 10,000 step mark, its definitely cause for a 30 second celebration and a hardy pat on my own back.

Then I wake up one morning, about three or four days after I last charged my FitBit Blaze, and my battery is dead. But I dont know it yet, you see, because my kids are just waking up and I start my day running between their two rooms, trying to change diapers and undies, and do whatever else they may need. I have this full morning of changing, feeding and running around with the kids, going up and down the stairs, and even a mid morning dance party. It's crazy and at this point I havent had a moment to look down at my FitBit, until someone else steps in to watch the kids while I get ready for work.

So while picking out my outfit for the day, I finally have a moment to check my Blaze. I feel such excitement and joy as I'm certain that I've racked up at least five thousand steps. I tap my Blaze and... nothing. A big fat nothing. All those steps wasted. All that dancing...

If FitBit didnt log it, then it really might as well not have happened at all. It's not FitBit official! And while it's disappointing to have lost all of those precious steps, the worst part is, I usually don't remember where I charged it last, and I have to get to work, so I don't have time to find the charger.

"That's ok" I think to myself, "I'll charge it when I get home." Only I get so busy with the kids and life in general, that I forgot I even own a FitBit Blaze. And days go by, weeks even, until I realize that I need to charge my Blaze and WEAR IT.

Argh! Frustration level 100! Oh how I love/hate you FitBit Blaze.


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