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Sweet P and Sky Vlog / YouTube Channel

The Sweet P and Sky Vlog is a work in progress, which was started a few years ago under the name Fun Fam Holliman.  It was my first attempt at Vlogging and was mainly focused on toy reviews done by Princeton, who's love of watching toy reviews and unboxing videos on YouTube, started the entire thing.

We thought, "Why watch all of these other "toy reviewer" kids, when he can watch his own videos?" Well, for one, Vlogging is not easy!  Getting our, then one year old, to patiently sit through an unnboxing while mom and dad try to get the perfect angle is nearly impossible. So the Vlog was a "here and there" type of thing for a while.  Eventually to be dropped it altogether while I began working on the Blog.

I had to focus and find a niche.  And while I still do not have it all together, I feel much more confident in the direction of things.

So, the Vlog has since evolved.  You will still be able to see toy reviews and unboxing videos, but you will also get to see lots of fun adventure as we explore the world around us.

And if there is something you would like to see, please drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.

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