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The Best Booster Seat on the Market | UPPAbaby Alta

I say this with a heavy and very proud heart, my little boy is growing up!

Princeton has always been very tall. He has always been over the 100th percentile in hight, and this is nothing new to us. But, what is different, as of late, is picking up our 6 year old and having his feet dangle by my ankles. He is only about a foot shorter than me, and I'm not 6 folks!

My "little baby" is wearing clothing two years older than his age. It's all super loose in the waste, but fits just right in length. Tall is the name of the game here.

So when I was driving with him in his convertible car seat the other day, I realized my little baby had outgrown his "big boy" car seat! Not only was I sad to see this, but I was horrified that my little boy was sitting in a seat that was no longer safe for him.

Mom mode kicked in and I began researching the safest booster seats on the market. Not only the safest, but the best for taller children. There are countless boosters on the market, and while they must all meet safety standards, very few exceed today's standards.

When my husband and I found the UPPAbaby Alta, we both agreed that this was the seat for us.

The UPPAbaby Alta is one of the safest booster seats on the market today. Safe, incredibly stylish and comfortable for our sweet boy.

My favorite features small feature that makes a huge difference:

The Side Impact Pods. Positioned on the side of the shell, the Side Impact Pods absorb and disperse crash forces.

The Active Support Headrest is adjustable to accommodate growing kids. It's specialized foam provides added side impact protection.

The UPPAbaby Alta comes with a plethora of safety and comfort features such as rigid LATCH connectors that secure the booster to the vehicle seat guaranteeing proper alignment and positioning for everyday use. The spacious design paired with dual armrests provides added comfort for your child during the ride. And lets not forget Princeton's favorite feature... the removable cup holder that can attach to either side of the seat.


- Approximately 6–10 years old - Suitable from 40–100 lbs, and 38–57” in height

- Dimensions: 20” L x 19” W x 25.5–33” H (height headrest in lowest and highest positions)

Key Features

  • SecureFit belt routing system

  • Unique lap belt positioner

  • Rigid LATCH connectors

  • Seven-position Active Support Headrest

  • Side Impact Pods on the side of the shell

  • Specialized foams in the headrest

  • Spacious design accommodates growing children

  • Dual armrests

  • Removable cup holder included

  • Removable, washable fabrics

We could not be happier with our UPPAbaby Alta.

Check out our Instagram UPPAbaby Unboxing Reel HERE.


While this product was gifted to us by UPPAbaby, all opinions are my own.



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