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The Benefits of NH Tutor

Distance learning has been an exercise in patience for all involved here at the Holliman house. It's a constant argument of "pay attention, please", "stop talking over your teacher, please", "just because you're muted does not mean you can sing in class... please". And while our teachers are doing their absolute best to make class feel like class, for my 1st grader and me, it's sometimes a struggle to get through new concepts.

Concepts like, "doubles plus one". This math concept was never taught to me as a child, so it's not something that was familiar, or even something that made sense. It was confusing at first, as we both struggled to understand what was required of us. I could not help guide my little boy through a concept he could not understand. Yes, folks, 1st grade math was a struggle for me for a moment there. How embarrassing!

It's times like this, we need a little assistance. NH Tutors came to the rescue just in time, when they gifted us two free group sessions with one of their tutors.

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How it works

NH Tutor offers several options. Group Accountability Sessions, One on One tutoring, and coming soon, Learning Pods.

You simply head to the schedule of classes and enroll your kids in whichever fits your age group and schedule.

To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from our Group Accountability Session. The day of our session, Princeton finished his regularly scheduled Distance Learning class at 1:20pm, and was expected in his NH Tutor Group Accountability Session at 2pm. With only a little break in between, I was worried that my little 6 year old might be overwhelmed with yet another Zoom session. He was not!

Difference Between Distance Learning and NH Tutor

There are two main differences we immediately noticed when we joined our NH Tutor Group Accountability Session.

The first is my personal favorite. The smaller class size allows for the tutor to give very personalized attention to each student, keeping them engaged without the gentle, but constant nudges to "pay attention" from mom. With Distance Learning, I am quite literally repeating 1st grade, as I sit next to my son, taking down instructions, making sure he is paying attention, doing his work.

Our NH Tutor session allowed me to sit back and relax as he was held accountable for his own work, and held engaged by his tutor.

The second benefit is, and this is Princeton's favorite, the smaller class allows for the children to interact with each other on a higher level than the large school classes can allow during Distance Learning. And in a time where our children are socially isolated, we welcome a bit of social interaction.

Benefits of NH Tutor

In their Group Accountability Sessions, tutors guide students through their required work, answer questions, provide accountability and help students keep up with their learning goals and requirements. This is especially helpful for kids who struggle to stay on task, as well as alleviates struggles for parents who are not great at teaching their kids at home (aka me).

The One on One sessions are wonderful for students who need a little individual attention and personalized support. While we did not yet do a One on One session, this is something that may be helpful for some of those new concepts that we just can't seem to understand.

I can honestly say that we will be using NH Tutors a few times a month to support our 1st grader's education, as we navigate this strange time. We will also continue with NH Tutors when the kids are able to go back to school on campus.


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