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One Delicious Way To Streamline Your Morning Routine

This post is sponsored by belVita. All opinions are my own.

Adjusting to our new school schedules (that’s right, plural), has been quite the challenge.  We have two school drop-offs an hour apart, and two school pick-ups two and a half hours apart.  Skyler, who has the later start time, wakes up before the sun comes up, while Princeton, who has an earlier start this year, has the hardest time waking up in the mornings.  Frankly, so do I.

If it wasn’t for little Skyler, I would probably be late every single day.

Even with our little ray of light waking us up at the crack of dawn every day, it felt like I could not get a handle on our new morning routine.  Skyler is a snacker and wants nothing to do with a full breakfast.  By the time Princeton even opens an eye, Skyler has had about an hour and a half worth of unhealthy snacking.  Princeton is simply not hungry when he wakes up.  There is no convincing him to eat before he goes to school.  But this makes him famished about an hour into his school day.

Timing our mornings has been so very difficult.  But one thing has truly helped, and I wanted to share my little secret with all of my fellow struggling parents.

belVita!  Yes, those scrumptious biscuits we all know and love.  Well, belVita just came out with a delicious new morning snack, belVita Soft Filled Baked Biscuits.  My boys absolutely devour these little snacks.  With 9g whole grains per serving, belVita Soft Filled Baked Biscuits are a yummy, nutritious combination of wholesome baked grains, paired with a flavorful filling.  I have to admit, I love them too.  I’m particularly fond of the Cocoa Crème Flavored biscuits, while the boys love the Strawberry filled biscuits.  

What I love is how these little Soft Filled biscuits have helped streamline my mornings in a big way.  They are not a full breakfast, so Skyler feels like he’s still just snacking, his favorite thing to do.  I feel better about his morning snack choice, and don’t have to watch him like a hawk for tiny spills all over the house.  These have helped tremendously with Princeton, who gets one of these yummy snacks in his backpack every morning, effectively staving off hunger an hour into his school day.  Mostly I love these because they prevent a lot of arguing between my children and me every single morning.  

Besides being a great morning snack for the kids and myself, it’s a great snack to have on hand at all times.  I have begun keeping these babies in my purse, just in case someone is just “starving” when I pick them up from school, or when we are on one of our fun adventures.  I feel good knowing that everyone is eating better snacks in the mornings, and throughout the day, while keeping this mama absolutely sane through the chaos of our new morning routine.

These delicious snacks can be found at a Walmart store near you. 

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