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Mother's Day at Master Inn, Santa Clarita Valley, California

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, hubby and I have started thinking about the best options for a stress free Mother's Day. While we love getting the entire family together for brunch, the last couple of years have been spent doing more active things, rather than sit-down meals. However, now that our boys are a little older, 4 and 2 year-old, we began toying with the idea of taking the family to a nice lunch/brunch again.

So, when we were invited to a lovely lunch at Master Inn, an Asian Fusion restaurant in Santa Clarita, CA, we thought that this would give us the opportunity to do a "trial run", and help us decide how this year's Mother's Day would be spent.

Master Inn, Santa Clarita, CA

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the manager and wait staff; and from the moment we arrived, until our departure from Master Inn, the manager and staff were nothing but attentive, helpful and kind.

Mother's Day Menu

As soon as we were seated, our waitress brought out four waters, two of which were in plastic cups with lids, for our boys. Her attention to detail did not falter throughout our entire lunch.

We got to order from their special Mother's Day menu, which had six different vegetarian options. If you have been following my stories on Instagram, you'll know that I have been trying to follow a plant-based diet (by "trying", I mean "struggling"), so finding so many options was a pleasant surprise.

We began our meal with a few cups of Master Inn's delicious Corn Egg Soup. One thing to note here is, our kids are picky eaters. If it's not Mac n' Cheese, homemade pancakes, or a variation of a food they eat daily, they won't touch it. They each ate an entire cup of this delicious, warm soup!

Corn Egg Soup and Thai Ice Tea

Hubby and I also ordered two drinks from Master Inn's regular menu. I had my favorite, Thai Ice Tea, and hubby got the Panda Milk Tea. Both with boba. Both so tasty and refreshing!

Thai Ice Tea and Panda Milk Tea

We ordered three dishes, the Braised Tofu (which is actually a vegan dish, not just vegetarian), the Teriyaki Chicken, and the Honey Sesame Chicken.

Braised Tofu

Braised Tofu and Peach Ice Tea

Honey Sesame Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken and Thai Ice Tea

I have to say, we like Chines food, we like Asian Fusion, but we loved the flavors in these familiar foods. We later found out that Master Inn uses family recipes over two decades in the making, and we truly did taste the difference. The Honey Sesame Chicken was visibly dripping with honey, the soup was so good that our kids practically licked the bowls, the Braised Tofu was teaming with flavor, and the Teriyaki Chicken was tender as can be.

Our boys enjoyed their food and their devices for quite some time, but did start to get a little rowdy toward the end of our lunch. "High chair" threats were made, as hubby and I feared that their wild toddlerness might have to be contained... and voila! A high chair appeared within seconds. Just another example of Master Inn's highly attentive wait staff.

They even let the boys run around and "try out" different seats, which was really nice because sometimes, you just need to know that people are understanding of the needs of children. This is definitely something important to us parents. It gives us one less thing to worry about.

Over all, we had a very tasty experience, and are happy that we got to try Master Inn, a restaurant that has been in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 6 months. The Chef cooked up an experience even our kids enjoyed, with purposeful ingredients, great food and great service!

The portions are ample enough to accommodate just about any size appetite. We ordered three dishes for the four of us, and ended up taking enough leftovers home to make another full meal.

Their menu prices are comparable to other similar Chinese restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley. Master Inn caters to a wide range of budgets, including students, who can purchase an entire meal for under $5. As a mom, I appreciate knowing that college kids have healthy, low cost options available to them.

The interiors of the restaurant are modern and very clean. It has plenty of space for family parties, graduation parties, business meetings, birthday parties or anniversary celebrations.

Parent's if you are looking for an easy, casual Mother's Day, without compromising flavor, or breaking the piggy bank, Master Inn is a great choice.


Master Inn has two Mother's Day offers to make the day special!

1- Buy One, Get One FREE from the Mother's Day lunch menu- beverages not included and no coupons can be applied on this promotion

2- Get a $15 Gift Card (for future purchase) with your $50 dinner purchase on Mother’s Day. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Master Inn is located at 27530 Newhall Ranch Rd., Suite 109, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

You can contact them via phone at (661) 888-1593

You can find them on Yelp, GrubHub, and Facebook





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