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Let’s Put On A Show!

The kids, my babe and I had an amazing summer full of adventures, trips, and of course, Tampico’s Summer Scrapbook Challenges. We are so sad to say goodbye to summer at the end of this month, but we are grateful for one more fun challenge.

This challenge was actually the most perfectly fitting challenge of the summer, as our boys have gone back to school, and our big boy is having a new adventure in Kindergarten. His school days are so much longer than his previous pre-school days, and the struggle my friends, is real.

While he is adjusting well, he often complains that kindergarten days are “too long, with a very long boring part”. Meaning, not enough recess and too much class time. And boy do I feel his pain.

It’s interesting how being in school never quite leaves you. I’m just as bummed as he is, that WE don’t get enough recess! How dare they?

One other interesting fact, as much as I couldn’t wait to have a little more time to myself while the boys were at school, I absolutely miss having them with me. Yes, I have more time to get work done, yes I have some quiet time, but I miss my babies.

So, when our kiddos come home from school, it’s nice to have so fun play time.

When I told the boys that this month’s Tampico Scrapbook Challenge is “Let’s Put On A Show”, they could not wait to think of something “cool” to do. They decided that Princeton would put on an “Epic Toy Battle”.

He asked me to create a sign using Skyler’s Light Bright, announcing the “Epic Battle”. The kind of sign that big wrestling events have, the one’s he’s seen in his video games and on TV. Battle’s of epic proportions, with epic signs.

It only took about fifteen minutes to make the sign, and to clear off his “stage”. And then he was ready!

Skyler and I sat together in our theater seats aka the couch, and watched as spectators, and cheered for the warriors to make their way to the stage. After a few minutes, the warriors appeared, with Princeton heading the entire production.

The battle was on!

First up, Spider-Man vs. Ocean Master. This battle was long and, well… EPIC. So long and epic, in fact, that Princeton needed a drink break before the battle could continue.

We completely and utterly enjoyed watching our sweet big boy relax and let loose after a long day of kindergarten. He got so into playing this battle out, that he forgot we were even there and just played long and hard and how a five year old boy should play. It was fun, and it was exactly what he needed.

I love that I was able to give him one of his favorite drinks during his drink break, and what I love even more is that it now comes with Zero Sugar. Zero Sugar means zero sugar rush. So kiddo got to continue playing nicely, while enjoying his favorite Tampico drink.

We are definitely sad that the summer is almost over, but we are so happy that we got to do one last Tampico Summer Scrapbook Challenge. Let’s take a look back at everything we did this summer with Tampico: we knitted a beanie, made some colorful meals, explored the outdoors, and took a maycation!

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