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KC Cubs Rugs

Thank you to KC Cubs for this fun and stylish rug. [Gifted]

If you've followed along for any period of time, you know that I am constantly sprucing up and updating our kid's room. As their interests change, as their needs grow, and as we simply get tired of the same old. We like change around here. And the easiest and simplest way to make a room look new is by changing out the, you guested it, rug.

We just received our new Batman rug from @kccubs and the boys literally could not wait for me to lay it out.

Almost immediately, Skyler grabbed one of their toy cars and started driving the streets of Gotham City, visiting all of its notorious villains and most famous hero’s.

Watch Skyler play HERE

It is such a fun addition to their room, and I love how well it matches their room decor. Fun, yet effortlessly stylish.

Check out some of their rugs here:


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