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How to Shop Online If You Are NOT An Online Shopper

It has been over two months of our Stay-at-Home orders. Like you, I have gone through all of the moods. I had my stir crazy moments more than a few times. I've had my cleaning moments. My productive work moments. My "I think I can do this homeschooling thing" moments (those were fleeting). I've had my "I don't want to do a thing" moments, and my "I'm donating everything" moments.

So now that I've cleaned out the closet and donated everything, I have nothing to wear. Nothing to wear "out" that is. I have plenty of casual, comfy long-wear. The things I've needed for the past two months while staying home. But now our stay-at -home orders are lifting bit by bit, and we are venturing out to the few outdoor places that are open, and I realize again, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Quite literally!

Not to mention I have a big Birthday coming up, and and nothing but cozy clothes to celebrate in. Argh!

Sweet hubby has been urging me to shop online. "Go to the usual spots you shop, but online" he says. "You have a Birthday coming up" he says. "Have a little shopping spree." he says. All music to my ears! Except, when I look online, I have no idea how these things will look on my body type. This has always been an issue. I could never shop online because the way I picture it, is never the way it ends up looking on me. Can you relate?

So I have been searching far and wide, to no avail.

Shoes and accessories are easy. But anything else, I just can't trust the pictures. And this has become a real source of contention for me. It's so bad that I have resolved to just get my clothes at Target, because Target is the only place that is still open, which sells clothes. And while I adore Target. I simply do not want to have an entire wardrobe full of Target clothes. You with me?

I miss shopping! I miss walking around a boutique in search of something you can fall in love with, finding that piece you simply adore, touching the fabric, holding it up to see if it is everything you thought it was, and I miss trying it on and the excitement of it fitting just right.

Today, I decided to try Amazon. Oh my God, Amazon thinks of everything!

Have you hear of Prime Wardrobe? You order up to eight things and only pay for the ones you keep. You have seven days to try our your choices and return what you don't want. Honestly, this brought a tear to my eye. It's like shopping in real life, but you never have to leave the house!

All you need to be able to take advantage of Prime Wardrobe is an Amazon Prime membership. And if you are not already a member, check out the below link to get a 30 day Amazon Prime trial for only $3.

Some of my favorite Amazon Prime benefits are:

* FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items

* No minimum order size

* Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows

* Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists

* Borrow Kindle books



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