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A Sight to See

If you are on social media at all, chances are, you have seen gorgeous pictures of the Carlsbad Flower Fields every Spring for the past few years. And if you are anything like me, you have major fear of missing out when it comes to seeing glorious nature in action. Year after year, I have seen these photos pop up on social media, and year after year, my family has missed the bloom.

Well, not this year! This year, we accidentally (read all about it in an upcoming blog post) planned ahead and joined the SD Mommy Blogger Tribe for a day at the Flower Fields.

The photos you see here and on social media, unfortunately, do not do the Flower Fields justice. There is just no way to capture the vast beauty of the captivating poppy fields, as well as all of the other flowers that grow on location.

The boys, hubby and I were simply mesmerized by the fields, and enjoyed a walk up and down the large isles, watching the bees and enjoying the colorful rows of poppies.

We then discovered a slew of fun activities that the Carlsbad Flower Fields have to offer.

  • The lovely tractor ride ($3-$6 per ticket) will drive you around the entire property and give you a break from chasing the little ones.

  • A playground with a fun apparatus and several additional play houses and structures. Our boys spend substantial amount of time here with their papa, while I got to take a few pictures with the SD Mommy Blogger Tribe.

  • A Pizza restaurant on the grounds.

  • The blue firetruck was a huge hit for our boys, who immediately climbed on and in.

We also enjoyed simply sitting around and taking in all of the beauty around us.

If you are someone like me, who has been wanting to see the Carlsbad Flower Fields for a long time, it's not too late! The Flower Fields are still in bloom and the season has been extended to May 16th.



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