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A Lovely Way to Spend the Day | Aquarium of the Pacific

Check out our amazing day HERE.

We have spend months learning via The Aquarium of the Pacific's Online Academy. It was our only way to stay in touch with a place that has historically brought our children a sense of joy and wonder. Three days a week, we joined the Online Academy's live Zoom classes to learn about marine life and habitats, and dreamed of the day when the Aquarium would reopen.

Naturally, as soon as the Aquarium of the Pacific opened it's doors after the second California shutdown, we were right there to celebrate and enjoy the experience.

The Aquarium of the Pacific, like many other recently reopened places, is now allowing limited capacity, and is by reservation only. Two things that I absolutely love.

The limited capacity allows for such an incredibly intimate experience. There is no stress about getting around crowds to get to your favorite exhibits, there is no guilt or rush to leave once you've been there a while. You free to enjoy as long as you like, because there is plenty of room for everyone who is interested, to enjoy.

We absolutely love this new, stress free way of enjoying the marine life.

The touch pools are all open and kids are encouraged to explore as they please, as long as they are gentle.

We spent a few hours at the Aquarium of the Pacific, watching the marine life, reading about the various sea creatures we came across, and pointing all of the things we learned about in our Online Academy classes. And while we did a lot of learning, chatting and watching, we also had a lot of fun, running around, playing, taking photos with their fun installations and of course, snacking!

We had a wonderful day at the Aquarium of the Pacific, which as always, ended at the Aquarium's gift shop.

Check out our amazing day HERE.


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