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5 Tips for Planning a Successful Family Trip to Tokyo, Japan

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Family Trip to Tokyo, Japan
5 Tips for Planning a Family Trip to Tokyo, Japan

Are you planning a family trip to Tokyo and not sure where to start? Don't worry! In this blog post, we will discuss 5 essential tips to ensure your family travel to Tokyo is both successful and enjoyable. Traveling with children can be overwhelming and stressful, but with a little pre-planning and preparation, you can enjoy the journey together and create lasting memories. Read on for our top 5 tips for planning a successful family trip to Tokyo!


DO YOUR RESEARCH for your family Tokyo Trip
Do your research for your family Tokyo Trip

When planning a trip to Tokyo with your family, it's important to do your research. First and foremost, decide what type of trip you want to have. Will you be concentrating on children's activities only? Are you more interested in educational, historical and traditional Japan? Would you like to see a mix of modern Tokyo and traditional Japanese culture?

Once you make the decision on what you are interested in seeing, take a look at a map of Tokyo. This can help you plan out where you would like to go and get an idea of the distances between each spot.

Check out each area on the map. Shibuya, for instance, holds the famous Shibuya crossing. Harajuku is fun and Instagramable, and so on and so forth.

Tokyo Wards
Tokyo Wards

Looking at a map will help you figure out in what part of Tokyo your family should book your hotel, which will keep you closer to your most desired destinations.

It's also helpful to read reviews of different restaurants, attractions, and hotels in the area. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

When searching for hotels, remember that not all hotels are created equal across the world. Bed configurations are often very different in Japan. They can be fun for children to explore, however, sleeping arrangements may also be a point of contention for children. I suggest beginning your hotel search as far in advance as possible so that you are able to find the type of accommodations your family requires. Narrow down your search to a few hotels and include your children in the final decision. This will not only excite them but acclimate them to the idea of what to expect.

In addition, it's important to prepare for any long flights if you are flying to Tokyo. Have snacks ready for the plane ride and pack items to keep your children entertained such as coloring books, games or electronics. Doing research ahead of time can ensure that your trip is as stress-free as possible.


A great time for family travel to Tokyo is during the cherry blossom season in April. During this time, Japan blooms with beautiful pink and white flowers, making it a stunningly picturesque trip. However, be aware that this is also a very busy time of year in Tokyo – you’ll want to book your flights and accommodations well in advance.

Tokyo: The Right Time to Visit
Tokyo: The Right Time to Visit

One of the most important considerations is timing – when should you visit? Spring break in Japan falls around the last two weeks in March and the first two weeks in April. It overlaps with cherry blossom season, making this time of year an incredibly popular time to visit Tokyo. It can also be difficult to find the right type of accommodations as hotels begin to sell out. Plan ahead and book early if this is when you are planning to visit.


Create a Tokyo Travel Itinerary
Create a Tokyo Travel Itinerary

Creating an itinerary is essential for a successful family trip to Tokyo. It’s important to plan out your days in advance, so you can make the most of your time in the city. When creating a daily itinerary, keep in mind that Tokyo can be quite crowded and busy, so it’s best to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to explore. Also, if you are traveling with young children, it’s important to schedule breaks throughout the day and plan for some free time.

Traveling with kids can present its own unique challenges, particularly when everything seems very foreign. Free time can help them explore without restrictions, gives them a moment to play the way they prefer, and rest should they need it.


Pack Wisely for Tokyo
Pack Wisely for Tokyo

When traveling with kids, it is important to prepare for the unexpected and pack wisely. Be sure to check the weather in Tokyo and plan accordingly. Bring several changes of clothes per day for the kids and some extra empty folding luggage to bring things back. Additionally, you should bring non-perishable foods that your kids are used to having at home. This will provide some creature comforts and keep them from experiencing serious culture shock.

Make sure to purchase international service for your cellular phone or switch out your sim card. You can also buy or rent pocket WiFi so that you have internet access and access to maps to help you orient. And don't forget to bring a Japanese travel plug or a universal plug adapter.

Finally, if you are taking a long flight, it is essential to know how to prepare for it. Pack snacks, toys, books, a tablet or laptop for entertainment, and any other items that may help keep your kids busy during the flight.


Traveling with kids is a great way to experience the world together as a family, and Tokyo is a great destination for your next family vacation.



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