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Boo At The Los Angeles Zoo

This month we have done a good amount of Halloween activities. From letting the kid's decorate the house, to a toddler Halloween Party, to the now non-existent Boney Island, we took full advantage of our October. It's been great!

One of my favorite things to do for Halloween each year is Boo at the LA Zoo. All month long, every day, the LA Zoo is a ton of Halloween fun, with trick or treating the last weekend in October.

We took the kids to the Zoo last Sunday to trick or treat, and then again yesterday, Tuesday, October 31st, to check out all of the animals and fun Halloween mazes without the crowds of the previous weekend.

Trick or Treating at the LA Zoo

The 99 Cent Only store donates candy to the LA Zoo every year for two days of Trick or Treating. Even though the lines at the candy stations were long, they were constantly moving and did not take longer than about 5 minutes each, if that. However, if you want to skip the crowds, get the annual pass. The park opens for annual pass holders two hours prior to opening to the public. We got to do that last year, but were not able to this year. I highly recommend purchasing the annual pass, not only because of Halloween, but because the Zoo is amazing for activities all year round, and if you have small kids like I do, it's a great option on any given day.

The LA Zoo Halloween Day

I wanted to do something special with the kids Halloween Day, besides trick or treating. So we packed our baby bag, got dressed up and went to the Zoo. We wanted to see everything without all of the crowds and had a lovely time.

We leisurely walked around and looked at all of the different animals, we walked through the maze and checked out some of the cool decorations. It was a great time.

We had a great time both days, and because we purchased the annual pass, we did not feel rushed to see everything in one day.

The 2017 Halloween season is over, and we cannot wait to see what the Zoo has to offer for Christmas!


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