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SPS Playdates: The Coop in Woodland Hills

I remember those first few days of isolations, not when you bring your newborn baby home for the first time, those are the days of chaos. No, not those days, I'm talking about the days when all the dust has settled, hubby has gone back to work (if hubby was even able to take his family leave), and people have stopped visiting. Those days and nights when it's just you and the baby 24/7. You are too scared to leave the house by yourself, you are to lonely to stay home. You have never in your life spent so much time with a baby. You miss your friends, you miss yourself, you miss your freedom and no one seems to understand you.

What's more is, you feel that you have no right to complain. Here you are, with a precious gift from God, how could you ever complain? This is what you wanted, after all.

So here's a little secret, no one will ever understand you the way another mama can. We all know that loneliness, that loss of self, that loss of friendship, and freedom. No one will ever understand the way you are bound to your baby and no one will ever understand how your world, your schedule, revolves around your baby's feedings, mood, health, and nap time. No one will ever understand the powerful bond between you and your incredible little one, and the space in your head where they are everything, pure love, but you pray for them to go to sleep, count the minutes... only to miss them the minute that they do.

It gets easier mamas. It gets fun!

They wear you out, they give you pure, unconditional love, they show you how to let your walls down and just have crazy, stupid fun.

But even when they do, we all need someone who understands. Someone who doesn't mind hearing you go on and on about how amazing your little one is, or how tired you are. This is why I created SPS Playdates.

It started as a fun idea for a Facebook group called Valley Mamas, and has since evolved.

Our play dates are open to all, and have been absolutely free with the help of vendors such as Kids Water, Baja Fresh in Porter Ranch, Quinn's Cookies, MiLo Ink Books, The Traveling Tea Pot, and so many more. These vendors have given us the ability to do this and to provide lunch, snacks and drinks to all in attendance.

This particular play date was held at The Coop in Woodland Hills, an amazing space for the kids to let out their wiggles, and intimate enough for us mamas to enjoy each other's company.

We had an amazing time, and I truly have to thank Carmen at The Coop for being such a gracious host. A mama of two, she is in the trenches with the rest of us.

We laughed, we bonded, we talked about the kids and watched them play.

We all, kids and mamas alike, loved the giant slide and ball pit.

The little one's all loved the "outdoors" room with the awesome teepee.

They got to play and the mamas actually got to sit down.

At snack time, all of the kids and moms shared each other's snacks. Some brought fruit, some brought crackers, string cheese and animal cookies, but everyone shared like one big happy family.

Play dates are an amazing way for mamas to feel connected to other adults, and so much fun for the kids. Everyone wins!


For more information on The Coop in Woodland Hills, call, email and check out their website:



For more information on upcoming play dates, follow Sweet P and Sky on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also follow SPS Playdates on Instagram.

As always, you can find upcoming SPS Playdates in the events section here on the blog.


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