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Where Did All Of The Full Service Gas Stations Go?

I need to vent. Gasoline, urgh, gasoline!!!

The inconvenience of pumping once own gas is a personal pet peeve. It always has been a peeve of mine, but now more than ever because I'm a mom.

For me, getting out of the house with two toddlers is a pretty intense endeavor. One, which I'd like to think, I have perfected. If that's even possible.

I get my one year dressed pretty quick because catching him is easy and I have my trusty changing table. He basically stays put, unless there is some sort of tantrum... which can happen on moment's notice.

Catching my three year old is another story, and actually getting him dressed is yet another story. The wiggles and dances, the skips and the bounces, all make for a very interesting, funny and slightly frustrating half hour or so.

Lets not forget breakfast, morning grooming routines, and getting the diaper bag ready. Can't leave the house without snacks, diapers, toys, and whatever else the munchkins may need. Lord knows, you do not want to be caught unprepared.

Oh, and somewhere in between all of the chaos, mom and dad have to get themselves dressed and ready to go too.

About two hours later, I'm finally ready to load up the car. This takes another 15 to 20 minutes, as I need to load up all of the bags, the stroller, the kids and myself.

I then get in the car, settle in and take a deep breath. I did it! Everyone is in. Now I can get comfy and actually relax my body and mind a bit while I drive. Right? No... no, not at all!

The gas gage says that there is only enough gas to take us 1 or 2 miles. This is a result of my gasoline procrastination. Yes, that's a thing.

So now that I am all settled in and comfy, I have to drive to the gas station, get out of the car in either the cold, the rain or in the heat, and PUMP MY OWN GAS!!! Terrible, I know.

But seriously, where have all of the full service gas stations gone? Why are they a thing of the past, when in this day and age, everything else is becoming less self serve?

Grocery stores now deliver, some (shout out to Ralph's ClickList) bring your groceries right to your car so you never have to get out. We have things like Post Mates and Amazon Prime. Everything is becoming more and more geared toward those of us who never want to leave the comfort of their homes or cars, yet, the one luxury we used to be able to enjoy, has now become completely self service.

I really should not even blame this on the fact that I'm a mom, I've absolutely hated getting gas since the day I got my driver's license. It has always seemed like such a nuisance. How dare they inconvenience me?

Is there a petition we can sign? Bring back full service gas stations!

End rant!

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