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Happy Veteran's Day!

I know that I should probably write about all of our veterans and the amazing service they have done for our country. I do thank you all for serving and protecting our country.  You are a group of selfless men and women and we owe you everything. 

But I'm going to be selfish for a moment to honor just one Veteran. My Veteran. 

This is my favorite Veteran of all time! He is the most disciplined person I know. He is also the hardest worker I have ever met in my life. Some morning when the kids and I are waking up to get our day started, my hubby is just getting home... only to turn around a few short hours later to do it again. He is an inspiration. 

He has served our country with this same discipline and work ethic. He is a hero and jumps at the chance to help people whenever he can. 

I literally have to have talks with him about not running into burning building to save others. It's a real concern. 

With all that said, he still finds the time to be goofy, and makes us laugh daily. 

This is my very own personal US Army Veteran. I am in awe of him daily and proud of him and the things he has accomplished in life. 

Happy Veteran's Day baby!


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