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Moms Love Wine

I've always enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

A glass or a few, on one of those amazing chill nights one can only reminisce about. The kind of nights you took for granted pre-children. The absolute freedom of a 20-something, single girl, with no kids is the stuff of dreams.

Oh those nights, you'd sit around with your friends, all free to come and go as you please, a beautiful glass of Cabernet in your hand and all the deep and meaningless conversation you can have; and all of the laughter.

I've always enjoyed a nice glass of wine, but never like I do enjoy it now.

Being a mom changes a lot of things in life. None more than your freedom. You can never just get up and go somewhere you want on a whim. Hanging out with friends requires weeks of juggling and careful planning. Even simple daily tasks and errands have to be scheduled around naps, meals and potty breaks. (I am the Google Maps of restrooms and know the location of every restrooms in every mall, grocery store, and theme park that we frequent.)

Every moment spent with your babies is a beautiful one, but the planning, the schematics, the organizing, it never ends. Every second of every day has to be meticulously planned out. By the time I'm able to put my two guys down for the night, my brain feels like it's fizzling out like one of those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials circa the 90's. Except my brain is not on drugs, it is simply on kids.

So at the end of the day, nothing takes the edge off and relaxes those sore muscles and that tired brain, like a nice bath and a glass of wine. So wine on mommies. Enjoy your toy filled bath and your glass of wine because tomorrow, you have to do it all again.


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