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San Fernando Valley Halloween Fun and it's Free!

This is it, the Halloween home stretch. Only four days left until the big day.

If your household is anything like ours, your toddlers have probably been in costume since October 1st. That's definitely the case at our house. Princeton has chosen a costume to wear daily. Sometime two or three a day, depending on his mood.

We have had so many Halloween adventures this month. Several trips to purchase the decorations of his little heart's desire, several trips to Halloween costume stores, we've done Boo at the Zoo, at the Los Angeles Zoo (which is a blast and I will blog about it shortly).

But tonight, we will be visiting a Los Angeles Institution, Boney Island.

Boney Island is an old fashioned Yard Haunt. It pops up yearly in late October and claims to be the worlds only Skeleton Carnival and Halloween Magic Show.

I won't go into the history because the bottom line is, Boney Island is an absolute blast for Halloween enthusiasts of all ages, and it is absolutely free.

So if you live in the Los Angeles area, make this one of your stops this year.

Boney Island is open through October 31st and the hours are:

Sunday through Thursday 6pm-9pm

Friday and Saturday 6pm-10pm

And keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Dave Grohl, WIll Ferrel and other celebrities.


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